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Drug addiction is a learned behavior, addiction recovery is unlearning addiction so that being clean becomes habitual. Recovery is a multi-step process. Addiction recovery is getting stable as well as staying stable in ones life long after treatment. Recovery from drug addiction usually requires long term treatment, but varies on the individual and their drug addiction history. Individuals on the road to recovery conquer many obstacles, the first being withdrawal from drugs or alcohol. This process may be painful and the hardest to achieve depending on the drugs the individual must withdrawal from.

The next step in addiction recovery stems from the idea that once the drugs are completely out of the system the individual is better able to handle learning new information and acquiring knowledge. This step is detoxification. Narconon has a world renowned detoxification process. Our drug detoxification process involves a dry heat sauna, proper vitamins and nutrition, as well as daily exercise. Once completing this process of addiction recovery many individuals find that their cravings for drugs and alcohol diminishes, if not completely vanishes.

Addiction recovery also involves understanding what caused an individual to begin using drugs or alcohol as well as finding solutions to prevent further abuse. During this step of addiction recovery individuals also learn communication skills, personal ethics, social and anti-social personality traits, repair past damage they may have caused others, in addition to planing a strategy for their futures.





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